Rufftown Record ‘holders’, Bullet and Wendy Shay have taken their excitement, following Fantana’s exit from the label, to the next level.

The latter was reportedly called to attend a contract termination meeting for comments she was alleged to have made against the record label which the label deemed to have dented its hard-earned reputation.

Fantana, however, declined the invitation.

But, even before an official statement could emanate from the label, a video capturing Bullet and Wendy Shay partying has been sighted on social media, leaving netizens wondering if it is a celebration of Fantana’s exit.

The video shows an elated Wendy busily dancing and twisting her waist to Shatta Wale’s ‘Melissa’; a song recorded to celebrate her, as bullet flashed by.

However, an unperturbed Fantana also took to Instagram to announce how she is also ‘chilling’ in the comfort of her home.


The ‘beef’ between the label mates got messier when Fantana described Wendy as a higher local champion in one of her interviews.

Wendy fought back, leaving Fantana no option than to reveal some personal details on her involvement with Rufftown Records, which warranted her ‘sack’.

Find the video of Wendy and Bullet which was shared by the Instagram handle called ‘Those Called Celebs’ below: