The military operations team in Bawku on Wednesday afternoon clashed with the Prison Officers in the area leaving many people seriously injured.

The incident happened at the Bawku Naba Palace when the overlord of the Kusaug Traditional Area was inaugurating his 40 years of reign as the Bawku Naba.

Reports alleged that, the military sometime back, beat up some Prisons officers in the area after a disagreement and that has led to an old grudge between the two camps.

At the Bawku Naba Palace, the military confronted the officer over an alleged missing phone and beat him to pulp.

He was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, in what is believed to be a reprisal attack, the Prison Officers reportedly stormed the Bawku Naba Palace armed with guns, shot and disarmed the military officers and beat them mercilessly.

The injured military personnel has was rushed to the Vineyard hospital in Bawku.