Upcoming musician Kasakoa says he is poised to become one of Ghana's greatest music stars

Afrobeats musician, Adjei Lewis Brako, who goes by the stage name Kasakoa, is set to drop his latest single dubbed ‘Me Dwendwen’ which features Highly Spiritual Music signed artiste, Lasmid.

The musician, who hails from the Western Region and started doing music since 2014, said he is apt his latest single will be visible in most of the streaming platforms in the country.

Speaking in an interview, Kasakoa (which literally translates as idioms in the Akan language) urged Ghanaians to support his talent, adding that, the ‘Me Dwendwen’ song will be one to write home about.

Meanwhile, he indicated that renowned music producer Kaywa produced the upcoming song that is set to put his name on the map.

Kasakoa has been doing music since 2014. Life took a different turn for him when he lost his mum at the age of five.

His dad, Mr Ben Brako had been the pillar in his life and has since been supporting his music career hoping his son will be among the A-list musicians in the coming future.

Born in Takoradi, in the Western Region, Kasakoa says he grew up at Akyem Oda in the Eastern Region where he was enrolled in the Akyem Oda Freeman Methodist Basic School.

For his Junior High School Education, Kasakoa attended Bankyim M/A JHS atTarkwa.

Talking about his music career, Kasakoa showed gratitude to his dad by saying: he was the one supporting me financially in the music business. I was recording more demos at the time and I was fighting for it to blow but I didn’t know it was not the best until he looked out for a promoter for me and a producer who also helps me to train my voice.

Highlighting his upcoming ‘Me Dwendwen’ song featuring talent singer Lasmid, Kasakoa had this to say: I’m pleading with the world, especially Ghana to accept ‘Me Dwendwen’ because it throws light on how the youth should cope and stay out of depression when facing trouble in their lives.

With the exposure that he is currently receiving, Kasakoa said he is here to stay in the music business, adding that, Ghanaians should expect more from him.