Musician Lasmid says he was not forced to give glowing tribute to his former boss Kaywa on the night of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, the reigning New Artiste of the Year stated that he was hoping to grab that award and even prepared an acceptance speech for it.

Although he was anticipating the win, he suddenly got nervous when he was declared the New Artiste of the Year, plunging him into nervousness.

“I prepared a speech but because I am a very shy person, I did not know how to go about it. I didn’t know how to even say what I wrote and I was not ready to go and read.”

A few weeks ago, his former manager, Kaywa revealed in an interview with Andy Dosty that on the night of the VGMA, Lasmid was prompted to say thank you to him for his contribution to making the musician successful under the Highly Spiritual Music record label.

Contrary to these comments made by the music producer, Lasmid said that nothing of that sort happened.

According to him, all he said in his acceptance speech were things that came from his heart.

“Nobody told me nothing. I just came and said whatever what going through my head. Nobody told me anything. I thanked him from my heart,” he explained.

Lasmid also admitted to seeing and even speaking to his former boss backstage.

“Yes I saw him and I even spoke to him,” he said.

Lasmid, who is currently promoting his latest single ‘Bad Boy’ admitted to Andy Dosty that he is now an independent artiste.

However, he did not affirm or deny the circumstances that led to his exit from the record label, claiming they are issues that he cannot speak about publicly.

“Now I am independent. Kaywa is my Godfather and I cannot say what happened between us on the radio. I feel like we all have to move on with our work.”

Lasmid joins the list of artistes who have exited from the Highly Spiritual record label.

The list includes Kurl Songx, Rachelle Blue, Krymi, Mr Drew, Yaw Berk, and King Maga.