Ghanaian music producer, David Kojo Kyei, popularly known as Kaywa, has advised Ghanaians to stop putting secular music in the same category as worldly music, as they are two different things.

According to him, many Ghanaian gospel musicians and Christians in general confuse secular music with worldly music and tend to ridicule artistes creating and producing these genres.

Speaking to Amelley Djosu on the Celeb Biz Show, Kaywa explained that the Bible speaks strongly against worldly music but encourages secular music, placing them in two separate categories.

“We must understand that secular is not wrong. Secular and worldly are two different conversations to have. Worldly is what God frowns on. An example is an artiste who always uses vulgar words. Secular songs, on the other hand, are love songs that can be spirit-filled,” he said.

The music producer further explained that worldly music contains lyrics that disrespect the godly way of living. They encourage sexual immorality, violence, and other forms of sinful lifestyles, which easily sway people away from God.

Secular songs, on the other hand, only preach love and peace, which is one of the key principles and qualities the Bible encourages every Christian to possess.

He disclosed that most of the lyrics used in creating secular music can even be found in the Bible. They contain spirit-filled lyrics that feed the soul. Hence, Christians should enjoy and consume it rather than ridicule it.

“So instead of trying to open up and expose secular and worldly musicians as people who are not from God, we should rather mirror the good ones and leave the bad ones behind,” he explained.

Kaywa stated that although Ghanaian gospel musicians produce songs to feed the souls of Christians, most of them live very carnal lives.

According to him, this is why they condemn musicians who produce secular music and shun the idea of collaborating with them.

He advised gospel musicians to actually extend collaboration invitations to secular musicians and focus more on making good music instead of directing their time and energy on it.

He believes that Christians have been mandated by God to properly define love and extend it to others as well.