Late Ebony and father, Nana Poku Kwarteng aka Starboy Kwarteng

Starboy Kwarteng, father of late Dancehall artiste Ebony Reigns, has revealed some components of her yet to be published death reports.

The aggrieved father alleged that the report has cemented his long-held assertion that there is an unnatural factor to his daughter’s demise.

In an interview on Kingdom FM, Mr Kwarteng revealed the driver behind the gory crash that killed his daughter and her two associates has finally been arrested.

He added that in the briefing he was given, the court declined to charge him for the deaths, as no evidence was found of his direct involvement in the deaths.

However, he was charged for reckless driving with an additional charge for not having a license at that time.

Mr Kwarteng further stated that the report said “the driver made no mistake, he was just lucky to survive the ordeal”.

This, he said contradicts earlier investigations where he was informed there was no foul play in the accident.

“They had the guts to inform me the driver has been arrested but I am not privy to any other information on her death. When they started the investigations, they said the driver made no mistake but now they are telling me he had no license; didn’t they check that to conclude. When an accident happens, first thing police check is if the driver is qualified to drive,” he fumed.

Though the police said everything seems natural, Mr Kwarteng is adamant Ebony’s death was well orchestrated, “based on investigations and what I was told”.

The aggrieved father dropped a bombshell when he alleged his daughter’s injuries were not consistent with wounds of an accident, especially as the car somersaulted multiple times.

“I believe Ohemaa was murdered before the accident because there was no blood on her outfit, I will always say this. She has serious deep cuts on her face and upper body yet there was no sign of blood,” he said.

To bring some closure on his daughter’s death, Mr Kwarteng is demanding final reports and findings from the necessary authorities.