Ras Nene looks dapper in outfits. Image Credit: @official_ras_nene
Ras Nene looks dapper in outfits. Image Credit: @official_ras_nene

Renowned Ghanaian YouTuber, Akabenezer, better known as Ras Nene, has delighted his fans with a captivating snapshot showcasing his impeccable style.

The photo depicted Ras Nene exuding confidence while sporting a sophisticated ensemble. Clad in a pair of sleek grey sweat shorts and a black short-sleeved T-shirt, he effortlessly exuded charm.

Adding a touch of flair to his appearance, Ras Nene chose to don a backward-worn cap, elegantly accentuating his attire.

Leaning against a low wall, he expertly balanced his iPhone in one hand, while in the other, he held a tastefully designed black and white patterned handkerchief.

In the accompanying caption, the endearing personality, also known as Dr Likee, engaged his dedicated Instagram followers in a lighthearted manner.

He playfully asked his audience to estimate the number of likes his dashing photograph would receive.

Furthermore, he invited them to express their admiration by liking the post and sharing their reasons for their fondness towards him.

“How many Likes…? 1. Like the picture 2. Leave your Comments; Why you like me,” playfully wrote Dr Likee in the caption.