Ras Nene aka Dr Likee

Ghanaian actor Ebenezer Kwesi Antwi, popularly known as Ras Nene or Dr Likee, has cautioned parents and guardians to refrain from sending children on errands to buy alcohol and other drugs.

According to him, a similar gesture got him hooked to drinking and smoking after he was given the opportunity to sell drinks and cigarettes to customers when he was a little boy.

He explained that, out of curiosity, he tasted the locally distilled alcohol (Akpeteshie) several times and that led him to start smoking cigarettes in no time.

“If you are home with a kid, never ask them to buy jot and drinks,” he advised.

Ras Nene, the actor who played his real life gangster character in movies, added that, it took the intervention of God and being focused to escape the “street” lifestyle that has propelled his life to become better.