Funny Face

Ghanaian comedian Funny Face has extended his support to rapper Medikal, who is currently embroiled in a public dispute with his baby mama, Fella Makafui.

Funny Face, who has faced similar challenges with his twin daughters and their mother, shared an encouraging message on social media.

“If nobody understands you, I do soldier… keep your head up… things will get better soon,” Funny Face told Medikal.

The show of solidarity comes after Medikal revealed on social media that Fella Makafui had called the police on him for asking her cousin to move out of their house after a two-year stay.

Medikal clarified that he had never been abusive or violent and only wanted to ensure a peaceful co-parenting environment for their child.

Meanwhile, Funny Face’s message of support resonates deeply, given his own experiences with family disputes and mental health struggles.

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