The grand premiere of the highly anticipated movie ‘A Country Called Ghana’ turned the National Theater into a dazzling spectacle, drawing an impressive array of celebrities from both Ghana and Nigeria.

The event, already touted as one of the biggest in the Ghanaian film industry, exceeded all expectations with its star-studded lineup and electric atmosphere.

Walking the red carpet were some of Ghana’s most beloved personalities.

The ever-vibrant Akumaa Mama Zimbi made a stunning entrance, captivating everyone with her signature headgear and infectious energy.

She was joined by music stars Guru and Medikal, whose charisma lit up the venue.

The night wouldn’t have been complete without the presence of D Cryme, Kalybos, and Ahuofe Patricia, who mingled effortlessly with fans and fellow celebrities.

The premiere also saw a significant contingent of Nollywood’s finest, including Charles Awurum, Awilo Sharp Sharp and Francis Odega, who brought his comedic flair to the event.

Fans lined the entrance, eager to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars, while inside, the excitement was palpable as the theater buzzed with anticipation.

The night was not just about the film but also a celebration of African cinema and its growing influence.

Lilwin, the mastermind behind “A Country Called Ghana,” was the man of the hour, receiving accolades and praise from all corners.