Funny Face | photo credit: @Thedailyshow
Funny Face | photo credit: @thedailyshow

Funny Face has opened up on how he felt emotionally when he was ordered to be taken to a psychiatric hospital for review during his outburst on social media.

According to him, after the court order, he was compelled to start thinking of how things quickly manifested – from him being at home and all of a sudden ordered for a review at one of the most popular mental hospitals in Ghana.

Talking about his experience with TV presenter Delay, Funny Face said he had already envisaged the happening, adding that, things got worse when one of the patients asked him a simple question.

What made it worse was that there was a guy who was there and said ‘Nti Wo Nie’ (is this actually you?); that statement the guy said made things worse for me, Funny Face said.

Earlier, Funny Face received lots of attention in the media space when he flooded his timelines with videos of himself attacking ‘friends and family’ on social media.

His breakout with his baby mama got the comedian posting unfavourable content that went against his brand’s code until a court ordered for him to be sent to a mental hospital for a checkup.

Days after he was released, the comedian, who is also a musician, released a song to thank his fans and followers who wished him speedy recovery.

He has since been on track, advising others to take mental health seriously in their lives.