Eno Barony
Eno Barony

Hearing impaired persons will finally have a feel of music as rapper Eno Barony has announced plans to include sign language in her music videos.

To the rap goddess, the hearing impaired have long been exempted in Ghana’s music and she feels the time for them to be recognised is now.

“Excuse me to say, there are deaf and dumb people and all so now I want to introduce sign language in my videos so that if you can hear you will if not you will just see,” she said in an interview with Zylofon FM

Explaining the concept, she said there will be an interpreter in her video who will act and signal according to her lyrics so the impaired can understand.


She announced the move as part of plans to bring a new twist to her music career, which will set her pace away from her colleagues.

Meanwhile, Eno revealed her former trick, which was beefing female artistes brought some ambassadorial deals, and she is hopeful her sign language tactic will be worthwhile.