Fuse ODG

British-Ghanaian artiste, Fuse ODG, has embarked on a controversial spiritual warfare to emancipate Africans from mental slavery with respect to Christianity.

The artiste has lamented how Africans have allowed themselves to be swayed into believing Jesus Christ, whom they hold dear in faith.

Fuse ODG, who has a self-imposed duty of Africanism, claims damage has been done under the banner of Christianity and religion in general.

“Black People … if we want Economic or Political revolution then we need to have a spiritual revolution first,” he charged.

To set himself free and pioneer the way for others, Fuse ODG dropped a portrait of Jesus into blazing fire and took videos of the act, which he posted on social media.


Borrowing words from late Bob Marley, the ‘This Is New Africa’ (TINA) advocate called on all and sundry to emancipate themselves from the mental slavery colonial masters have subjected them to.