Nana Boroo
Nana Boroo

Ghanaian musician, Nana Boroo, says some men are ‘slay kings’ who extort money from women just as slay kings do.

According to him, a lot of gentlemen who parade or carry themselves like kings and emperors on social media are being taken care of by women.

However, when he was asked if he had women he is taking advantage of, Nana Boroo failed to answer spot on.

He rather said: What do slay queens do? We have ‘slay kings’ who are also taking monies from women. It’s not a new matter, it has been happening since!

According to him, he has expensive taste, hence any woman who would want to date him must be ready for his lavish lifestyle.


When you are ready to roll with someone like me I come with a cost; so if you want to move with me, you should know how man lives. I have expensive taste and you also have to come with that.

You cannot get a slay queen if you don’t have money, it works the other way too. I am an artiste we travel a lot. Sometimes after show, especially abroad, women love the musicians.

Someone can tell you they want to roll with you. She has to know the level because I come with a price. There are some things you need to do.