Nsoromma Season 6 launch artwork

The much-anticipated launch of Nsoromma Season 6 is set for today at the West Hills Mall.

The event, scheduled to commence at 3:30 pm, promises a dazzling showcase of talent, entertainment and the unveiling of the next music stars.

As the clock ticks to the start of the event, music enthusiasts, industry players and fans are gathering at the West Hills Mall, eager to witness the commencement of another chapter in the history of Adom TV’s flagship music program.

The top 30 contestants from various regions are set to take the stage, each vying for the coveted title and the chance to follow in the footsteps of past Nsoromma winners.

The atmosphere is charged with anticipation and attendees are ready to be thrilled by talented musicians.

Renowned music stars, Obaapa Christy, Keche, and others are slated to grace the occasion, adding star power to the launch with their electrifying performances.

The presence of past Nsoromma winners, including Righteous Vandyke, Victor Twum Ampofo, and Abrantie, will add an extra layer of excitement as they share their success stories with the aspiring contestants.

Jerry Justice and Sister Sandy, the charismatic hosts of the show, are ready to guide the audience through the unfolding drama, showcasing the raw talent and creativity that Nsoromma is known to produce.

The West Hills Mall is the place to be for this exciting display of talents.

As Nsoromma Season 6 kicks off, all eyes are on the stage, ready to witness the emergence of new musical sensations.

The show continues its legacy of nurturing and promoting young talents, contributing to the rich tapestry of Ghana’s music industry.

Nsoromma – Yerehyeren!