Car involved in the Kwamekrom-Kpando accident scene

Two persons survived a car accident Wednesday morning on the Kwamekrom-Kpando road.

The incident, which occurred around 9:00 am, saw the driver sustaining injuries on his head while his passenger escaped unscathed.

The two victims of the Kwamekrom-Kpando accident

Eyewitnesses account suggest that the car with registration number GE 3642-21 skidded off the road and headed straight into the bushes.

The cause of the accident is attributed to the loose chippings on the recently tarred road.

Meanwhile, five similar accidents have been recorded on the same spot in one week.

Car abandoned at the Kwamekrom-Kpando accident scene

Three of the vehicles, including a Toyota pickup and a Pajero, are still rotting away at the scene, while two are believed to have been towed away.

Police have launched an investigation into the recent crashes.

Car abandoned at the Kwamekrom-Kpando accident scene