Joke Silva is a popular nollywood actress and the wife of actor Olu Jacobs
Joke Silva is a popular nollywood actress and the wife of actor Olu Jacobs

Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva, has given reasons she would not allow a movie to be shot in her home.

Speaking during ‘The Roundtable Lekki,’ a conference for youth development, she noted that making movies involves a lot of people, many she wouldn’t want in her personal space.

In her submission, she spoke about the importance of Nollywood having its own studios and sound stages.

In her words:

“We shoot in apartments these days. But, I won’t allow movies to be shot in my home; it won’t happen.

“I know the number of people that are brought into a shoot. There may be two people in a scene, but to shoot it, there will probably be about 20 people there. That means 20 people will put their hands on my wall, block the loo, and do other things.

“We need to build our studios and sound stages, just like American filmmaker, Tyler Perry, has done. He built one of the biggest sound stages in the world.

“The thing with sound stages is that there are usually facades. I once shot a movie in France, but all the interior shots were taken in London, United Kingdom.

“All we did in France were the exterior shots to give the ambience of that country. Sound stages give one control. It allows one to make movies at one’s desired pace.”

She added:

“Streaming platforms have made it easier for producers to be able to exhibit their works. Technology has done that for us. There is a wide range of opportunities right now when it comes to movie distributions. Streaming platforms help us connect to a global audience.”