Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs
Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs

Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva, has revealed her husband, actor Olu Jacobs is suffering from dementia.

“This is the first time I’m saying it publicly. He is dealing with issues and it is been going on for a couple of years. It is known as dementia with Lewy body.

“It is a degenerative disease that affects the brain and it is almost like a Parkinson type of disease, it affects the brain and affects the person,” she told Nigerian journalist Chude Jidonwo in an interview.

According to the actress, the condition is taking a toll on Mr Jacobs because he does not know what the problem is.

“That is what we have been dealing with but the thing is, it is hard on him because he doesn’t understand what is going on and it is hard on us family members as well,” she stated.

"He has dementia" Joke Silva speaks publicly for the first time about husband Olu Jacobs

Despite being grateful to God for seeing the family through these trying times, she added she misses working together with her husband on set.


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“We have gone through some times and situations recently that I wish I had the old you here so I don’t battle these times on my own but we are grateful for the moment of clarity. I miss the times we work together.

“We have gone through it over the past couple of years but we thank God,” she said sadly.