Ghanaian musician and songwriter, Lasmid, known privately as Nathaniel Owusu, has revealed why he decided to sing mostly in English.

Lasmid said he orginally planned to follow the usual local language line, but his record label boss, Kaywa advised him to be versatile.

“I didn’t plan with my management to sing mostly in English but big shout-outs to Papa Kaywa because sometimes he prefers that I do my Fante raps,” he stated.

He continued “But I feel that maybe if we do the songs for everyone across Africa to be able to understand, at least as for English everyone understands”.

In an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye via Showbiz on Property, the ‘Friday Night’ hitmaker said not everyone will understand if he sings in Fante.

“As for the Fante language not everyone will be able to understand it because sometimes there are people who speak Twi but do not even understand the Fante language,” he added as sighted.

“Sometimes the people in other tribes who don’t understand Twi will understand you perfectly when you speak English that’s why we decided that if that’s so then why don’t I do all my songs in English?

“So that anyone who doesn’t understand the Twi or Fante will understand my songs in English at least,” he concluded on Property Radio in Cape Coast.


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