But for the Lord who showed his undeserving mercies on gospel musician Stella Aba Seal, she would not be among the living.

The musician’s quest to have fibroids removed almost turned fatal due to medical negligence.

Madam Seal, in an interview with Zionfelix, revealed that she had the procedure at one of Ghana’s notable hospitals, and though she was scared, they assured her of excellence.

“It was my very first surgery. I was very scared since my best friend’s mother died from same fibroid surgery so I did not want to be put to sleep. I wanted to see and hear everything but not feel the pain. So they injected me with anesthesia.”

However, Madam Seal said the health workers did not wait for the drug to take effect before they began operating on her.

She recounted how she screamed and went ballistic due to excruciating pain she felt when the side of her stomach was slashed wide open.

“I don’t even want to remember it. I almost died twice. The anesthetist panicked and wanted to administer another one. I began screaming ‘don’t put me to sleep’, but they ignored and injected the drug into my cannula.

Madam Seal said she was dazed but awake and felt everything, including the moment the doctors pushed her womb back into it’s place.

At some point, she narrated that she dozed off and woke up in her private ward, but her pain was far from over.

She was close to death again after her surgery but was saved narrowly by a nurse whose contact she had saved on her phone.

According to her, the anesthetist apologised profusely for the expensive mistake.

“The anesthetist came to me to apologise. She said she was going through a relationship challenge and she was confused. She said it was her fault she should have taken me through test to see if I was numb or not.”

Madam Seal said the apology, coupled with some personal reasons deterred her from suing the hospital as she had intended.

According to her, she has been through a lot of setbacks in life, but that particular incident is still embedded in her memory and she doubts she will ever forget.