Praye Tietia, husband of actress Selly Galley revealed he lost his forefinger to firecrackers on the dawn of New Year.

Praye Tietia, born Stephen Fiawoo’s joyous celebration was cut short when the huge firecracker he lighted malfunctioned, cutting the tip of his forefinger while his wife took to her heels.

In a video posted by Selly Galley on Instagram which reveals how the incident took place, Praye Tietia immediately dropped the firecracker upon realizing he had been injured.

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He proved experience is indeed the best teacher as he cautioned the public against the dangers of firecrackers, insisting they are dangerous.

“This is what happened to me this dawn after 12am. Please let’s all be advised against firecrackers/ knockout, they are extremely dangerous. Graphic image please proceed with caution,” the singer posted on his snap.

Meanwhile, taking to her Instagram page, Selly Galley disclosed he is recovering very well.