Selly Galley and her husband Praye Tiatia (Cartel Big J)

The Valentine’s Day celebrations have reminded actress Selly Galley of when she first said ‘I do’ to her husband, Praye Tietia.

On a Saturday, some 13 years ago on Vals Day, Praye made his intentions known to Selly with a customized t-shirt with the inscription IT FEELS GOOD TO BE WITH A STAR.

At that time, Selly said she thought it was cocky as they were not dating, but she decided to reward him for his consistency with a resounding yes.

“I thought it was cocky but I also realised then that this man was really serious and really bold because I hadn’t even accepted his proposal then. Well, that night I did and it’s been 13 years and counting of pure love, loyalty, respect and friendship. You take such good care of me and I love you with all of me, always will. Happy Valentine’s legend, love of my life. It still feels good to be with a star,” she wrote.

In addition to the message was an epic throwback video of the celebrity couple when they were barely adults.

The video exposed their evolution period from their humble beginnings to their current state.