Selly Galley
Selly Galley

Ghanaian actress and media personality, Selly Galley has got her fans awestruck as she marks her birthday in a remarkable fashion.

The star took to social media to share four saucy photos that captured her in a stylish two-piece denim outfit, complete with a cover-up and fashionable boots.

The photos showcased her impressive snapback after giving birth to twins just months ago.

In her caption, Selly expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the blessings in her life, making it clear that it had been an incredible year.

She also expressed amazement at the handiwork of God and all the gifts bestowed upon her. She also celebrated her mother becoming a grandmother at 60.

Selly Galley expressed her deep appreciation to her husband, Praye Tietia, describing him as a true love in her life.

She also thanked her fans and supporters for the love they continually show her.

Selly acknowledged the immense blessing that comes with such love and hoped that God would fulfill the heart desires of her well-wishers.