Actress Selly Galley has finally unveiled her twins to the world as part of her testimony of God’s goodness as she marks the onset of the New Year.

After 8 years of waiting, 2023 marked a life-changing moment for Selly Galley as she embraced motherhood with the arrival of her twins.

Sharing never-seen-before photos of her children, one captured in the hospital ward shortly after their birth, the actress conveyed her joy and fulfillment in becoming a mother.

Selly Galley described her newborns – a jovial and handsome boy alongside a beautiful, charming girl – while expressing her anticipation to watch them grow.

Amidst her jubilation, she inspired other women waiting on their blessings to be steadfast in faith.

“I tell you, At the appropriate time God will not only do it but make it perfect too. believe that.
I’m hoping to share my journey of faith soon to inspire many. It’s been a very crazy 8yrs journey for me. Faith moves mountains indeed!”

Selly Galley also extended her gratitude to her partner, Praye Tietia, and her entire family for their unwavering support, acknowledging that while life may not be perfect, the blessings and love surrounding her are cherished beyond measure.