Selly Galley and her husband Praye Tiatia (Cartel Big J)

Musician Steven Fiawoo, known professionally as Praye Tietia, has affirmed he and his wife, Selly Galley are not barren.

Shutting down widely spread rumours that the celebrity couple, who got engaged some 13 years ago, are not fertile, Praye Tietia revealed they have taken seed once.

In a latest interview with Kofi TV, he disclosed for the first time that Selly lost an eight-month-old pregnancy.

Though he said she would be unhappy for their secret to be let out, Praye Tietia said it was about time he corrected the notion of Ghanaians.

“We decided to keep it to ourselves because we thought it was not anyone’s business,” he added.

When asked if he is sexually and medically fit, the musician answered in the positive; making reference to his three children he had from previous relationship.

He is confident they would conceive in the nearest future, as they are very sexually active.

He, however, stated they are not desperate for a child.

His revelation was an answer to a netizen who commented during the interview that he would love to help the couple conceive.

The couple’s child drought became a topical issue after a troll tagged Selly “ugly and barren”. Selly in turn cursed the troll.

Reacting to that, Praye Tietia said that issue was a very sensitive one for his family and he would rather not revisit that memory.