Kumawood actress, Elorm Aba has opened up about the heart-wrenching experience of being abandoned by her fiancé.

After dating her lover for over a year, Elorm said she got pregnant and informed her fiancé, expecting support and excitement.

However, after breaking the news, he left the house and all efforts to reach him via phone proved futile.

Concerned, she reached out to their mutual friend who introduced them and dismissively said he might have traveled.

But after a week of silence, Elorm said she became extremely worried.

The situation took a worse turn when her friend spread rumors of her ‘fatherless pregnancy’ causing her to feel humiliated.

“My friend, this same person who linked me and my fiancé spread it in church that I was pregnant with no man to claim responsibility. She spread lies that I was impregnated by our pastor, knowing very well I had no intimate relations with him. The church summoned me and demanded I brought the man responsible, and there I was, not knowing what to say”.

Feeling humiliated, Elorm said she made the painful decision to stop attending the church.

The stress and emotional trauma from these events ultimately led to a miscarriage.

Later, Elorm found out her fiancé was a married man with children.