Kumawood actress, Elorm Aba has shared a heartbreaking story about how she was deceived by a married man and her close friend.

It was during one of those church activities, she was introduced to a man who expressed interest in her.

Introduced by her friend, Elorm said she trusted her friend’s judgement and was hopeful that the man is the ‘Prince Charming’ she had been longing for.

Initially, she said that the man appeared to be caring and supportive, frequently bringing her gifts and helping her during times of need.

He eventually expressed his desire to marry her, and she agreed to let him meet her parents and vice versa.

However, unbeknownst to her, the man was already married and had conspired with her friend to deceive her and tarnish her image for being the most preferred in their friendship circle.

During a visit to his family home, Elorm told Emelia Brobbey during Adom TV‘s Okukuseku show that she sensed something was amiss from the family’s behaviour.

Her suspicions were confirmed when her lover’s relative bluntly asked if she would be happy if someone tries to snatch her husband.

Confused but still in love, Elorm said she confronted her friend and the man, both of whom denied that he was married.

The shocking truth emerged later that the man and her friend had placed a bet on her, intending to manipulate and embarrass her.

This revelation of betrayal was a devastating blow to Elorm, leaving her feeling used and humiliated.