Ghetto leader Abodi3 speaks on latest drugs messing up lives of some Ghanaian youth
Ghetto leader Abodi3 speaks on latest drugs messing up lives of some Ghanaian youth

Tramadol and cough mixtures with codeine are the least of drugs being abused by some Ghanaian youth, a ghetto leader based in Tema has confirmed in a video sighted by

According to Abdul Rahman Abubakar, popularly known in his circles as Abodi3, pharmaceutical drugs are destroying lives of young people on the streets of Ghana more than marijuana and other known drugs purported to be harmful.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, Abodi3 said the latest drug that is making waves away from the social market is ‘Dede Ayew’ also known as ‘Akufo-Addo’, which is originally called Valium in the medicine world.

He explained that, the side effect of the generic drug includes excessive drowsiness, dizziness, spinning sensation, fatigue, constipation, ataxia (loss of balance) among others that can distort logical reasoning.

The ghetto leader, who has smoked marijuana for close to 20 years, said he hardly allows people who engage in such drugs to enter his territory.


Abodi3 added that, since the government has enforced measures for people to grow cannabis for medical purposes, they should also revise strategies to legalise the herb for recreational purposes.

Marijuana won’t force you to go and steal. It is their decisions… even if witches are after you, you can take decision to pray and ward them off.

I’ve been smoking for about close to 20 years, I started in 2001… I haven’t seen any infection or anything. People say its tramadol but that is just the surface. If someone curses you through marijuana that is your case because you have wronged the person.

Right now, codeine is expensive so boys don’t buy again. Now they buy the D10.  They also call it Valium 5 and Valium 10, what many people call blue blue.

If you don’t know you will say its tramadol or marijuana destroying lives but they add many things to it. Tramadol is the least poison even though it has the same tendency.

He said most of the drug peddlers and those who patronise the abusive products give them other names so people outside that circle cannot easily decipher what the conversation is about.

If you are someone who likes taking anything you come across, the behavior can mess you up. The D10 is the main case, they don’t call it D10, they call it Dede Ayew or Akufo-Addo because of how ‘small’ the drug is.

If they mention the name, you wouldn’t know. They can chew or put in drinks. I don’t allow such people to come close to me. It messes up with your emotions. It can give you anger or pressure.

Watch the interview below: