Short Prophet

Contestant Short Prophet has been evicted from Adom TV’s The Big Talent Show following his inability to garner enough votes to propel him further into the competition.

The grand finale of the show is drawing closer and it’s left with six contestants to battle their way out.

Meanwhile, in Week 9, Short Prophet opened up the show with Ada Ehi’s See What the Lord Has Done for Me song. It did the magic for him as the judges were thrown into a blissful mood.

Short Prophet

Tapoli did a short skit to depict the fast life in Nigeria. Though he was commended for the skit, judge Clemento Suarez urged him to put in his best as the grand finale inches closer.

Tapoli in action

Nana Yaw took on a cultural dance from Guinea. He was lauded for his creativity and how he synced his art during the show.

Nana Yaw does his cultural performance


C-Nortey performed a native Abidjan performance. This contestant has been full of surprises right from the onset of the Big Talent Show.

C-Nortey shows off his dancing skills

Contestant Size Two played drama this week. He was on the neck of his dad begging him for his school fees. Meanwhile, his dad was also ready to spend on prostitutes rather. Size Two had to find his own way to get the money from his father.

Size Two harasses his father in short drama

Shatta Wifi performed Lucky Dube’s song in grand style and he was equally praised for his artistic side.

Shatta Wifi performs Lucky Dube’s song

Faith Power surprised the judges with his adrenaline-pumped performance. Balancing himself on a roller to eating fire sticks, Faith Power received a standing ovation from the audience.

Faith Power ‘chews’ burning fire sticks
Faith Power balances himself on a roller

Click here to watch the full performance.