Sandra Ankobiah

Ghanaian lawyer and socialite, Sandra Ankobiah, has turned heads on Instagram with her latest video which is gaining traction on social media.

In the new video on Instagram, Sandra Ankobiah is seen wearing beautiful attire as she sat on a chair in what looked like a restaurant.

Sandra Ankobiah was seen posing on a seat as she videoed her beautiful shoes as well as the plush interior of the place she was seated.

For most parts of the snippets that were made into the video, Sandra Ankobiah was seen admiring her own beauty and beaming with smiles.

The pretty lawyer is spotted wearing a skimpy-looking grey dress which appears to have fit her perfectly.

She complimented her outfit with a pair of expensive-looking high heels which appeared to have a ball-shaped crystal ball attached to the soles and a beautiful wig to match.

Sandra captioned the video: “Feeling cute”.