File photo: Murder signage

The body of a pregnant woman was found dismembered two days
after she was murdered in the bush.

Residents who had searched for her for two days discovered
the headless body of the mother of two, Alima in a bush.

This unfortunate incident happened in a town called Murumra,
near Asante Akyem in the Ashanti region.

A resident who spoke to Adom News said the deceased was working in her farm when her attackers murdered her.

He noted that, the body of the seven months old pregnant
woman was divided into two and buried in separate graves.

He said the incident has created fear and panic in the area
since this is the second time someone has been murdered in the area.

“Most of our farms are in the area where the body was found
so many are afraid to go there” he added.

The livid resident appealed for a police station since the
only one closet is in Asante Akyem.

He feared more people will die if government does not come
to their aid.


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