“It wasn’t easy; I couldn’t board trotro because people were shocked to see me in public transports. They assume I should have a luxury car after starring on a show on one of Ghana’s biggest media houses but what they don’t know is that I prefer a simple life.”

This is a statement from one of the past contestants of Adom TV’s talent show, Nsoromma, as she joins others to share their post-competition experiences.

Gracing the weekend entertainment show Ahosepe Xtra, the past contestants from the first edition to the most recent season were Aba Afrima, Ashley Chuks, Isaac Gamado, Blessing Alovor and Grace Sarkodie.

Aba Afrima of Nsoroma season 2 disclosed that she won the hearts and attention of many people in her community whenever she steps out of her house and made new friends after the show.

“It wasn’t easy oo. Many people approached me, saying they saw me on Adom TV and I got many people wanting to be friends with me after the Nsoromma competition which made me be proud of myself”, she said.

According to Blessing, another past contestant of the Hilife talent show, people shower her with accolades when she is seen in her neighborhood with many others gifting her with all manner of items.

“People cheer me up whenever I step out because of the exposure I got from the competition to the extent of shop attendants giving items to me freely when I go to the shops to buy something”, she said.

Gamado, on the other hand, revealed that he experienced stigmatization from his peers when he goes to school after participating in the show with a few others also cheering him up.

“It was fun when going to school because, by the time I get to school, you will see some of my colleagues in groups stigmatizing me. Others cheer me up when I get to the house with some shop attendants gifting me items when I go to purchase something from them. Most of them also gave their names out for shout-out purposes”, he said.

“I used to be visiting my friends but I stopped going to their houses because the questions people kept asking me were too much so they rather came to my house”, he added.

Ashley Chuks said it was all joy for her whenever she was going to school because she attracted many people to herself after taking part in the competition.

“It’s all joy and interesting when I am going to school even though some of my friends found it difficult to come close to me because they see me to be on a different level. Others too wanted to get closer to me and be friends with me including those who even didn’t like me. Experiencing that made me very happy”, she said

According to Grace, she had a lot of people running to her, either cheering her up or giving her accolades while others aimed at becoming friends with her.

“People around me and in my community did cheer me up whenever I go out, with some opting to be friends with me, especially whenever I visit my Uncle’s school,” she said.