A man who has been married for six years has accused his wife of having secret sexual affairs with other men, including their wedding MC.

According to Akwasi Boahen, in the six years of marrying Afia Serwaah, they stayed in a one-room apartment for just four months.

He says they were staying at Afrancho Buokrom, but his partner moved out to her parents at Ahenkro Kwamang.

Akwasi Boahen told the Obra Show on Nhyira FM his wife flirted with other men in her hometown under the guise of going to trade.

“I invoke vexation on her to confess that she had slept with six men because she didn’t love me from the onset but her mother forced her to marry me,” he recounted. “After her confession, I revoked the curse, but we agreed to break up.”

After the marriage break up, Akwasi claimed the family of Afia Serwaah prevented him from visiting his children. He also had to fight the boyfriend of his wife sometimes.

But Afia Serwaah also accused Akwasi Boahen of womanizing and maltreating her.

She denied preventing Akwasi from seeing his twins.

Mama Effe and the Obra team pledged to help the couple find a lasting solution to their feud.