Up-and-coming musician, Shaddy Reigns, could not hold back his tears during an interview at Hitz FM studio on Tuesday, June 8.

During his conversation with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the artiste was emotional as he recounts his long arduous journey to the music industry, which has brought him to the point of having a seat to be interviewed by Andy Dosty.

The emotional Shaddy Reigns said he considers meeting Andy Dosty as an achievement in his burgeoning career.


“It’s like a dream come true to meet you to interview me because I’ve worked for this for a long time to get into your presence to have a chat. I feel like I’ve done it all,” he said.

Andy Dosty, who was touched by the young man’s words, promised to help the young artiste to go the full distance as he works towards his dream and reminded him of the fact that there is more ahead of him.

But, before Andy Dosty could finish his points, Shaddy Reigns, who was touched by Andy’s words, broke down crying.