Patience Nyarko

Gospel artiste, Patience Nyarko has shed light on the financial challenges faced by gospel musicians in the modern age, revealing that being a gospel musician has become an expensive venture.

In the past, the focus was primarily on the divine message conveyed through songs, but today, she said the music industry has evolved.

Ms. Nyarko said gospel artistes are now expected to produce music videos, invest in their appearance, cinematography, and maintain their brand, which often requires significant financial resources.

According to her, without sponsors and investors, it is almost impossible to make it in the gospel genre.

This, she added, is the reason new gospel artistes have not emerged in the music industry, leaving the burden on just the few who are still dominating.

Also, Patience said the pressure on social media, where artistes are subjected to scrutiny, especially regarding their clothing choices has increased their burden.

“No matter how good you are, you won’t be in the limelight without financial commitment to the brand. Now social media has made it worse because they expect too much from us. You can’t even repeat clothes, you have to look good all the time and they all become part of the financial burden,” she said.

However, Patience Nyarko said the little income they make from streaming and other music platforms helps to fund their lifestyle.