Patience Nyarko

Gospel artist Patience Nyarko remains steadfast in her position regarding the controversial remarks she made about fellow artist Joe Mettle, asserting that she harbours no regrets concerning the past ‘conflict’ or ‘beef’.

She openly declared her willingness to replicate her actions and express similar sentiments if confronted with a comparable situation.

The controversy arose during an interview where Nyarko voiced her concerns about the perceived bias against local artists, specifically noting that many English-speaking gospel musicians are “overhyped,” with Joe Mettle cited as an example.

In response, Joe Mettle implied that Nyarko “is not okay” and suggested she could benefit from some time to heal.

Revisiting the issue, Nyarko emphatically stated that she holds no regret and would engage in a ‘beef’ with Joe Mettle or anyone asserting that Twi-singing artists are less talented.

Nyarko defended her position by stating, “Misunderstandings are normal. Even in Heaven, there was a misunderstanding; that’s why God sacked some of His angels. Why do they expect us gospel artists not to react when triggered? God even wants it when someone offends you; you either ignore or address it and get it out of your heart. It’s normal for Christians to fight; too much peace is hypocrisy, and I don’t like it.”

She clarified that her dispute with Joe Mettle was not a personal vendetta but a defense of her craft and talent. “I fought a good fight, and even now, if given the chance to repeat it, I will. I did a good thing. How can they say as gospel artists, I can’t sing just because I don’t have command over the English language? I only defended my craft and my talent, so whoever wants to be upset with it is fine by me,” Nyarko asserted.

Referencing statistics, she argued that Twi songs hold a dominant position in the gospel music industry compared to English songs and should therefore be accorded the same level of respect.