AY Poyoo
AY Poyoo

Fast-rising social media sensation, AY Poyoo, says he has already started receiving sponsorship and endorsement deals.

After two weeks of sharing his comedy skits and enjoying massive attention from Ghanaians, the young talent who calls himself ‘The Face of Ghana Rap’ has since gained a sizeable fan base with over 3,000 followers on Twitter. 

Speaking to JoyNews on his rise to fame and the way forward, AY Poyoo said his management has done a great job.

He said the team is also motivated by the fact that people are already calling to either endorse or sponsor his skits.


“We just go out there and whatever catches our attention, we have to bring something unique out of it. That is how we plan.

“It is a whole lot of team work, and management has to look at the other side and see how it will go.

“But we just started it and people are getting interested in what we are doing. We also have people calling about endorsements, sponsorships, and other things.

“So right now we have been getting a little from this,” he said.

He is hopeful the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, which has already affected over 5,000 people in Ghana and killed 22 others, will soon be won so life goes back to normal.

“We are praying the coronavirus disappears soon so that we can see how things will go,” he told JoyNews’ Becky.