AY Poyoo

Ghanaian internet sensation and freestyle rapper, AY Poyoo, who seems to have fallen deeply in love with Zim hip hop queen Kikky Badass, born Christabell Mahlungwa, is shooting his shot on social media.

Kikky Badass (Photo Credit: Inastagram)

AY Poyoo became a social media sensation after his song ‘Am A GOAT’ went viral online.

The Ghanaian rapper, who is clearly smitten by Kikky Badass’, took to Instagram to make his intentions known.

He wrote: “Hi how are you? You’re fine! Okay, goodbye. Thank you I don’t even know what I’m typing. You’re beautiful come and spend my money.”

Responding to AY Poyoo’s message, Kikky Badass said:

“Do I need to come and spend it? I can be here and spending it. No problem.”

AY Poyooo then left social media users in stitches after he offered to buy Zimbabwe and everything in it for Kikky Badass as he advises everyone else in the country to migrate to planet Jupiter.

“Okay. How much is Zimbabwe? Lemme buy the country and everything in it for you. The rest can migrate to Jupiter,” he said.

This is not the first time the Ghanaian rapper has aired out his feelings towards Kikky Badass. Recently he told her that he can be her hero.

He went on Twitter to reveal Kikky as the only girl he can spend all his life savings on, adding that he doesn’t mind being her hero.