Edward Kwasi Boateng

The rise and fall of popular musician Edward Akwasi Boateng, once a celebrated figure in the gospel music industry, has left many stunned.

The veteran musician was recently spotted hawking at Adum market in the Ashanti Region, sparking speculation about the downturn in his fortunes.

Akwasi Aboagye once owned a fleet of 17 cars and was known for his generosity in gifting cars and luxurious gifts to others.

However, he revealed in an interview on Akoma FM monitored by Adomonline.com that he is now a pauper due to his wife’s lavish lifestyle.

He sponsored her lavish lifestyle including funding her trips overseas, however, she opted out of their marriage when financial problems came knocking.

Left to cater for their three children, Akwasi Boateng said he now has to take up menial jobs to clear some debts he incurred.

He has taken up work as a mobile money agent, using the earnings to clear his debts and afford basic necessities like school fees for his children.

Additionally, he sells pen drives containing his songs at VIP Asafo, hoping to generate some income from his past music career.

Following his public revelation about his financial struggles, there has been an outpouring of support for Aboagye Boateng.

In the early 2000s, Akwasi Boateng was a household name, known for hits like “Makoma so adea kae” and “Asem a waka, mebo wodin.”

However, financial difficulties have now forced him into an entirely different line of work just to make ends meet.