Ghanaian gospel sensation, Obaapa Christy has revealed that she did not bother going for her Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) results after completion.

According to her, she envisioned that she would not pass all the subjects, so she made no effort to return to the school after the results were released.

She spoke in an interview with Roselyn Felli on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning on Wednesday while speaking about her educational background.

“I reached JHS, but it’s not that I stopped; I wrote BECE, but I didn’t go for the results,” she said.

“Did you pass”? Roselyn asked

“I didn’t even go for it to see whether I passed or not because I foresaw that I wouldn’t pass,” the singer replied.

Not that she didn’t study, but the singer held the opinion that even if she did, she would fail because she had nurtured the mindset that she was not good academically, making learning difficult.

As a result, she channelled her energy towards singing and praying at school since she enjoyed doing them.

“When we visit a colleague who is sick, then I’m asked to pray, or I’ll be called to lead praise and worship during Wednesday and Friday church services, or a teacher would send me to buy something. Those were the things that made me like going to school,” she added.

Not only did she dislike studies, but the gospel singer mentioned that she also detested dictation sessions in class.

Nevertheless, Obaapa Christy feels she would have excelled in her academics if she had positioned her mind to studying thoroughly, considering how smart she is at capturing things at her current age.

She does not regret her conduct at school because she believes that education is not the only trajectory to success for everyone.

Although she supports formal education, she firmly believes that God’s blessing is the ultimate.

“My success is based on the grace of God that located me, and so I don’t joke with such grace,” she said.