Emerging singer, Mercy Abena Onuawonto Sam, known by her stage name Iona Reine, has been lambasted on social media after she released her Obra music video on October 24, 2020.

She has been accused of emulating fallen singer Ebony Reigns though she has denied that on many occasions.

According to majority who have chanced on her Obra music video,  it can be likened to Ebony’s Maame Hwe video, which preached against domestic violence.

One user, Agnes Kyeremateng, who commented on the video few minutes after it was posted, advised her to find her true self.


She wrote: Why the copy copy though? Is that what you want your brand to be known for? An Ebony counterfeit? You have a great voice and I hope you find yourself soon. [SIC]

Another, Kathie Abynahgyimah, said: Ah Iona what is this??? Just be you My dear you can never be like Ebony just be you and be focused. You made me sad this evening….. (Ebony reigns) [SIC].

Meanwhile, there were others who also supported her by asking her to keep up with her career.

According to them, people are entitled to become who they want to be and her looks shouldn’t stop here from doing music against the odds that she looks like Ebony.

One of such people was Sweet Titi, who had this to say:

Those complaining about her style have no case kraaaa, especially the women, don’t you people wear Brazilian, Indian and other hairs? Are they your real hair? Who has never copied from someone in this world?

We all have our choices so if you don’t agree with hers there’s no need to condemn her. You people did same to Wendy Shay. Women/Blacks will always remain our own enemy. I think she has a great voice and we’d need more of her music [SIC], she said.

Watch the music videos below:

Iona Reine’s Obra music video
Ebony Reigns’ ‘Maame Hwe’ music video

Iona is currently promoting her latest EP album dubbed IONA EP.