Veteran Gollywood actor, David Dontoh, has given parents life-changing advice on the career path of their wards.

Mr Dontoh is pleading with guardians to allow their children have sole decision on what occupation they would love to fully indulge in.

To him, the greatest sin a parent can commit against a child is to force a career pursuit they have no passion for.

“If the children follow their heart, they can build and develop themselves to attain any height they want in life. No one should pressure their kids to go into jobs just to please the parents,” he said in an interview on Adom TV’s Entertainment Hall, hosted by Mike 2.

The adverse effect of parental pressure, Mr Dontoh reiterated can be death from frustration and the guilt will in the long run fall on the family.

He made this assertion when he disclosed his father ceased communications with him for two years for ditching medicine for acting.

To Mr Dontoh, if he had bowed to pressure, he might not have been the talented and determined actor he is known for.