Every successful person indeed has a painful story and the latest to bring his to light is renowned actor, David Dontoh.

Casting his mind to the good old days, the 56-year-old narrated how his decision to ditch studying medicine for acting cost him some years of fatherly love.

Speaking exclusively on Adom FM’s Entertainment Hall, he revealed as a brilliant Science Student, with Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics as his electives, his family expected him to take up a further course to materialise his dream of becoming a Doctor.

Mr Dontoh said his Doctorate plans were cut short when he realised God had instilled the passion of acting into his heart.

His decision did not sink well with his father, who he said cut communication with him for two years.

Only God can determine your destiny. If God reveals his plans to you, travel to the moon and back, you will still be led back to that path. Because at that time, I had performed a minor session and Doctors said I had passed but God had already prepared me for a bigger thing.

When asked by the host, Mike 2, to give details of the ‘bigger thing’, Mr Dontoh touted acting, of which he has made name from.

Medicine is just one aspect of acting; actors teach, preach and heal so I was not bothered when I realised what I was practicing was broad.


His story soon changed for the better when he won his first Best Actors Award in 1984, and his opposition father turned out to be his number one fan.

To make amends for the lost years, his father gave him his never-worn suit and was by his side when he received the award on the night.

Watch his narration below: