Lil Win and Sandra Ababio
Lil Win and Sandra Ababio

Kumawood actress Sandra Ababio has acknowledged the significant role played by her colleague LilWin in her growth within the industry.

In an interview on United Showbiz, Sandra revealed that she initially had no interest in acting but was encouraged and supported by LilWin, which ultimately led her to pursue a career in the field.

“It is him because when I was supposed to go on set to shoot a movie, he calls me because I wasn’t too interested. So, it was his push and his encouragement that made me get to where I am,” Ababio shared. “I used to stress him a lot before I made up my mind to shoot a movie. I mean, he played a very vital role.”

Sandra further expressed her gratitude to LilWin, emphasizing his influence on her decision to enter the acting industry.

She revealed that when she first started, LilWin was the only person she knew within the industry, highlighting the closeness they developed over time.

Sandra Ababio’s testimony sheds light on the pivotal role that colleagues and mentors can play in shaping one’s career.