For contestant Ahmed, his favourite traits are strength and self-reliance.

It is for this reason that his final outfit for the Avant Garde edition of the Adepam Season 2 finale was a cobra-inspired outfit.

He took inspiration from the deadly reptile to make a costume to sell his market as a couture as well as a signature ready to work designer.

Check out highlights from his Adepam journey

Contestant Ahmed had the widest smile in the Week 7 of Adepam Season 2 after he snatched the spot for the best designer of the night for the first time.

Ahmed designed a shimmery shirt and trousers for his model, Nathaniel Attoh of Joy Sports and gave extra touch to the look with a simple side cap.

His model wore the outfit and his attitude on the run way exhibited exactly how jolly he felt rocking Ahmed’s design.

Ahmed was one of the contestants to sew for a male model, and that decision went in his favour.

Adepam Season 2 Week 7 (Ahmed)

Week 6 gave Ahmed the perfect opportunity to unleash his creativity in the most unprecedented way.

For the freestyle task edition, he designed a Halloween-themed outfit for his model.

He made good use of his black fabric which he remodeled into a beautiful outfit and complemented the look with a wing.

He named the outfit the ‘angel of death’ yet, he was saved from eviction by sheer grace on that night.

Week 5 of Adepam Season 2 task was simple: Design a breathtaking outfit for Mother of the Bride.

The task saw the auditorium light up in colours as models took their turns on the runway, but Ahmed’s model ended up on the lips of the audiences.

While his colleagues were designing for white weddings, Ahmed defied the status quo with an outfit for an Islamic marriage rite.

He designed a beautiful kaba and slit outfit and complemented the look with a soft gele and hijab for his elderly model.

Ahmed attracted applauses from the audience with his elegant black Gatsby-themed gown.

He made good use of feathers and fluffy fabric to create a see-through corset style the judges appreciated.

Though his outfit was good, it was the judges’ opinion he went a little below than his usual creative designs.