Contestant Emma’s last outfit for the competition is a creative piece for a goddess who understands the fashion sphere.

For his Avant Garde design, he redefined the term slay queen to depict a model who can ‘kill’ any outfit on the runway rather than the stereotype of a sexually energetic female.

His model mounted the runway in a beautiful black gown and head piece.

The judges applauded him for his creativity from week one to the very end of the game. It is not surprising he is a two-time best designer for the night winner.

Relive some of Emma’s fashion moments that won him the fans’ heart

Contestant Emma set the pace for his colleagues to follow when he became the first ever ‘best designer for the night’ in week 2.

In the eight-hour task period, Emma successfully produced a bell mini gown with puff sleeves made from a combination of ankara fabric and lace.

As the winner for week two task, Emma had a collaboration with a 12-year-old pupil to create a beautiful design.

The pupil made a beautiful illustration which Emma brought to life for the glamourous dinner outfit task.

They came up with a dress comprising two shades of green and a fascinator as an accessory.

Week 6 came with it’s own steeze and Emma was sure to represent. He freestyled a ball gown for his model during the task free week.

His combination of colours as well as his blend of designs and fabrics is one that always makes his pieces stand out.

Emma styled the ever gorgeous Maame Kyere Diamond for the Week 7 celebrity edition. He designed for her a Gatsby-themed gown with black fabric for her red carpet loojk.

Though the design did not earn him the slot as best for the night, he made sure to be among the top 4 from the judges’ pick.

Adepam Season 2 Week 7 (Emma)