“Out with the old, in with the new” is contestant KBaw’s message to the fashion world.

For his final task in the season 2 of the Adepam fashion competition, KBaw pieced together an Avant Garde booth gown to tell the story of how the world has evolved into an advanced realm.

His Kente gown had a large booth to it’s rear to signify how the phonebooth and photo studios are gradually becoming a thing of the past, kind courtesy technology.

The judges were intrigued by his creativity and innovation, but were struggling to note how his elaborate concept would be feasible in the real world.

Times KBaw made a mark in the Adepam competition

When KBaw was announced the best designer for the night in Week 7, tears of joy trickled down his cheeks. It was at that moment he became very sure he stood a chance of etching the spot as a winner.

He portrayed the uniqueness of an African princess with his craft and backed it with a superb story telling of the hope for Africa.

KBaw produced a Kente gown adorned with cowries, and the ‘Gye Nyame’ symbol resting on the shoulders of the outfit.

Week 7 was also a good week for KBaw. For the celebrity edition, he adorned his model, presenter Roselyn Feli, with a sparkly fitting gown for her red carpet look.

His draping design and the patterns were unique, according to the judges.

Adepam Season 2 Week 7 (KBaw)

The designs for Week 6 were over the top, but KBaw’s own stood tall.

The task was simple, yet complicated. Contestants were required to design decent beach wears for their plus size models.

KBaw settled for a simple swim wear with a mesh coverup and matching beach hat. The design was all he decided to win the judges’ heart for the night.

Designer KBaw’s outfit for week 10 was designed for Kumawood actor and Big Talent season 1 contestant, Tapoli.

He made a two-toned burgundy and creamy outfit for the diminutive figure.

The unique piece of the design was the exaggerative hand on one part of the two-piece outfit.