Contestant Grace had the audiences bursting with excitement with her never-seen Avant Garde design for the Adepam season 2 finale runway.

She made for her model a beautiful romper with a coverup made exclusively from different brands and textures of hair.

The diversity of the hair strands and the broom which served as an accessory is to preach on how the diverse human race; extinctive by complexion, country, tribe etc, collectively forms a single specie.

The judges believed her creativity sense was very high and her methodology of bringing her ideas to life was highly fashionable

Check out highlights of Grace Eshun’s Adepam journey

Grace was the designer for the night during the week 3 of the Adepam competition.

The design, which earned her the acknowledgement, was a simple red silky gown with thigh slits and a flowy tail.

Though her design was not exaggerative, the judges believed her detailing and techniques worked in her favour.

Judge Sikapa complimented her for being the main contestant who went according to the theme.

Grace portrayed the heroism of mothers during the week 6 task.

For a task that required contestants to think outside the box, Grace came up with a design to appreciate mothers for the struggles they go through just to bring another life unto this earth.

Her choice of colour (green) told the story of nature and feminism, and the judges could not help but appreciate her creativity.

For the Week 7 celebrity edition, Grace had the opportunity to style Ghanaian on-screen goddess, Beverly Afaglo.

Beverly looked elegant in a royal blue simple gown Grace styled, which was accessorized with some patterns and mesh to give it a classy look.

Grace found her way into the top four best designs for the night with the outfit.

Adepam Season 2 Week 7 (Grace)

Grace proved over the weeks that she was an all rounder. She is exceptionally talented in designing male couture as well.

Week 10, she produced a three-piece Agbada for diminutive actor Joe Shortingo which was on the lips of all her fans.