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AY Poyoo receives hot slap for flaunting a ‘borrowed’ house [Video]


Budding musician AY Poyoo was in tears after a hot slap landed on his cheek for flaunting a house that isn’t his.

AY Poyoo has fallen in love with American actor, Michael Balckson’s Whitehouse such that he visited with the aim of capturing the plush living room on his cellphone.

But, he could not finish claiming ownership of the house and its content when he was slapped by the original owner.

AY Poyoo was heard bragging “Yeah poeple, this is my new house, and I bought it. You can see me, this is my TV and…”

The self-acclaimed Greatest of All Time met his match when he was immediately asked to exit. He paused the video and headed for the entrance.

Watch video below:

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