Former winner of dancing competition for plus-size women, Di Asa, Precious Mensah, known popularly as PM, has been spotted eating a huge mountain of banku.

The former Di Asa queen was seen eating the banku with what looked like groundnut soup when she got spotted by the camera.

Precious Mensah appeared to be enjoying her meal and herself as she looks on seriously in the huge bowl of soup.

It appeared her mouth was already full when she tried to put more of the delicious food into it so as to finish the food quickly. Ghanaian comedian Ajeezay was seen in the cut so it is yet to be ascertained whether PM was really eating the food all by herself or it was just a skit.

Ajeezay, who appeared shocked over the mountain of food in front of PM, was seen standing behind her looking bewildered.

Another photo saw Ajeezay standing close to PM and looking into the huge bowl of soup as if to say he wanted to join her.

Many fans and followers of the plus-size dancer took to the comment section to react to the photos: Eviana_gh came in with the comment: “Obi ny3 ne k3sie kwa…Translate that to English.”

Plomo_____ also wrote: “She needs help no be laughing matter.”

Naasei_albert commented: “Akcm ne nkyremu.”